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I’ve been sucked back in. I had text sex with my ex and cannot get him off my mind. He lives kinda far so I’m going up to see him in a week or so. Were obviously going to do it. But are we going to talk? What are we going to say, do I want him back? What do I want to ask him? Ahh. Boo

I didn’t regret getting back together with him last time, I regretted the break up because I knew it would end that way. Maybe if we don’t get back together, we just have a sexy summer fling then we won’t break up again. There is the issue of G who is the only guy I’ve net lately who I’m interested in, maybe ebb hes back in town I’ll quit my ex addiction.

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Tonight… I was a little tipsy, went to a cute boys house, fell down his stairs… Probably broke my toe, hurt my bum and bruised my ego. I went down on him to try and give him something else to remember (and cause hes crazy cute). He texted me a bunch after he dropped me off so that’s a good sign. I’m so embarrassed. He invited me to see his band play in a couple weeks, thatd be hot!


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Compliments… Or lines.

So I thought I would record some of the cute cheesy things the guys I date tell me, I’ll add more as they come/ I remember them.

So, was just thinking. And you came to mind

Guess what?
..I like you:)

You’re my perfect dream girl

Just thinking about your ass gets me hard

Your hair is absolutely gorgeous your hair makes me cream my jeans

I don’t mind, I am interested too.

You are cute and quite sexual too. I am a man, not made of wood so, I react to those things. You cannot flash a rack like this and expect a real man to remain idle… and the curly long hair, and the smile, come on. You make grown men cry. -Cam


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Date night:)

Soo JB and me hit it off amazingly and we had a lot of fun, he was sweet and romantic. We went for drinks then a walk. it started raining on the way back and he held my hand and kissed my cheek. He was really sweet. We kissed a bit. Then we were outside of my house and I was getting ready to say goodbye. He told me he definitely doesn’t want any commitment but itd be cool if we could fool around. Which we didn’t. this was interesting though, I was on the other side of this conversation tonight. I’m up for it but I feel that it would be kinda sucky if I was hoping for more. I feel bad for the guys I’ve said that to I guess. But it’s best to be up front and honest from the start which I think I am. But I can understand it sucks. I love first dates and when they say it’s a date, it always makes me smile, I guess it’s all the possibilities and excitement.

K however was definitely not my type. He didn’t laugh or smile the entire time. I dunno well see if he texts me again I might hang out with him as friends…

I have fake nails on today, this post took 3283 minutess longer than it would have without them lol I also bought a super cute new bra I love bra shopping.

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So I wrote a long post updating on my weekend.. It was kind of boring so apparently it didn’t save correctly to spare you from being bored! I cancelled my date for Saturday he was so over whelming and pretty much planning our wedding, before the first date. It’s Monday night and he’s texted me like a million times, telling me I’m really missing out. Hes coming off as desperate, which is never attractive.

In other news, A wants to be friends, with benefits. No strings attached. So that’s cool well see how that goes, I kinda miss hanging out with him it’s been a while since I’ve seen him.

L texted me, my rebound booty call from a while ago. He told me he had an incredible time when we hung out and he wants to see me again. Today he text me and told me he was thinking about me, cute right. Well then we got a little steamy, talking about the night we spent together and he apologized for the size of his penis! Ugh omggg this is nuts. I actually enjoyed what we did and he had a nice penis, his lack of confidence totaaally kills it for me. I feel like maybe I can boost his confidence a bit.. Might fun to try!

G is back in the picture. I have such a weakness for this guy! Ugh! I can’t decide if I want him because I can’t have him right now, or what. But he’s definitely caught my interest. He should be moving home in a couple weeks, then we can hangout and see how it goes, I’m really excited. He’s really sweet and I know I can trust him if we decide to be together. He’s basically going to decide how my summer goes… Single super fun girl, summer fling with a hottie or maybe the start of a wicked relationship? Who knows but in the mean time I’m going to have a lot of fun…

I went out with a guy tonight, I’m totally just into being friends. Weve known each other for a while but he seems like maybe interested in more… Blah. Well see how it goes, were hanging out Wednesday after work.

Tomorrow I have two dates.. Both are new guys. Drinks with JB in the afternoon, were in college so why not? And K and I are seeing a movie later that night. First date kisses? Update tomorrow night!


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Newbie & A?

So there’s a new guy who wants to take me out on Saturday, he’s smart successful, cute AND he calls me! Guys in their 20s strictly text so this is a nice change. (JE)

However there is one issue, A. We haven’t seen each other in a week, but we’ve been talking a lot still even though I think talking less would be a good idea. I kind of want to see where things go with him, or could go. But he’s already so ready to be serious and he reminds me soo much of my ex, which is definitely trouble. I’ve been thinking about my ex lately and I’m not sure if feeling like I’m back in that same situation is the reason. But maybe I’m just comparing A to my ex and finding reasons not to date him because I’m scared of getting hurt. Which is definitely a girly thing to do!

Why can’t more guys just want friends with benefits it’s a win/win. I want someone to cuddle with have amazing sex with and to just hangout with. Well after reading that back, it looks like I want a relationship. I know I’m not ready for that yet though I need to focus on myself and my goals. It’s amazing how much time is consumed by relationships. Im going to go on the date on Saturday and see how it goes, after that maybe I need a bit of a boy break. It couldn’t hurt.


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G is out

I’m so bummed. Me and G had a bit of a disagreement last night, he was flirting with my friend and I told him I wasn’t up for playing games. It’s kind of a messy situation since we weren’t exclusive and I am seeing other people… I’m at least taking a break from him, even though he is still sending me cute texts. Let’s see how long these last though eh.

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