Single life:)

03 Apr

I guess it’s been a couple weeks that I’ve been single and I’ve been out with a few guys, because why not? Soo I plan to blog daily, or when something eventful happens but to catch you up to speed… There’s B he’s really sweet and a little chubby and makes me laugh a lot. He says he wants to be friends who have sex, but he doesn’t like seeing more than one girl at a time… Hmm. Then there’s L who I rebounded hard with and slept with. He’s a nice guy, he’s funny too, the sex was ok. He texted me 2 weeks after we hooked up… Hmm. Then there’s G who I am completely totally crazy about already. We had an amazing weekend together that was so awesome and fun. Then he moved away for work, for an unknown amount of time. I told him I’m definitely not ready for a boyfriend yet and he said that was ok but he wasn’t going to sleep with/see other girls. But he was someone I was definitely interested in and could see myself dating seriously, maybe it’s just because I can’t have him? I went out tonight with another guy, he was cute-ish and we had fun but I’m thinking there was just a friend vibe which is ok cause he seems to have a different life style than me. Speaking of friend vibes! I hung out with this total hottie who I def just got friend vibes from, until we exchanged some steamy texts. I’m definitely interested in seeing where that goes! I’m kinda caught up the most on G, but I just think it’s not smart to get so into someone, especially someone who is far and I dunno, he seems smooth and experienced, Im not sure I can trust him yet. BUT sticking in the title of my blog, if I think like a boy I wouldn’t give much more thought to G and I would go out and have fun and do my thing until he’s around or something happens.

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