12 Apr

I would love to have some input on this topic. Ive known some girls to do some pretty intense snooping on their boyfriends. I’ve never done it to a guy. I’m considering some light lurking to see if G is up to no good, but I feel like that isn’t fair since we aren’t dating yet, but he’s the one that says all these nice sweet things and tells me like everyday he isn’t going to see other girls. I dunno I’m really curious to see if guys snoop to, or consider it? Is it the ultimate sign of not trusting your partner or is it simply easing your curiosity?


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2 responses to “Snooping?

  1. Texan Girl

    April 14, 2011 at 4:59 am

    Very tricky topic! It depends on the severity of the snooping, in my opinion. If there’s not a defined relationship, you can totally “snoop” on his facebook and stuff like that. As for guys, I know for a fact that they are the biggest facebook stalkers ever. If they really like a girl, they obsess over the guys that comment on the girls profile. A friend of mine, who wasn’t dating the girl, got all hot headed about a guy commenting on this girl that he likes status, and the random dude threw in a smiley face that pissed my friend off. Guys snoop on profiles, for a fact. However, phones, in person stalking… not sure on that. If I trust a person fully, I don’t snoop at all. If I’m afraid of being hurt, the most I will do is a little facebook stalking. It’s public, and if someone’s got a problem with someone looking at profiles, DON’T put it up! Overall, snooping is okay as long as it remains innocent and doesn’t fully “invade.”

    • thinklikeaboy

      April 14, 2011 at 7:35 am

      LOL I loved this comment, thank for sharing about your guy friend lurking! I definitely agree with you on looking at a guys page to see if he’s a douche or a player. Whats poste on Facebook is just a peak at the real person right?



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