Compliments… Or lines.

20 Apr

So I thought I would record some of the cute cheesy things the guys I date tell me, I’ll add more as they come/ I remember them.

So, was just thinking. And you came to mind

Guess what?
..I like you:)

You’re my perfect dream girl

Just thinking about your ass gets me hard

Your hair is absolutely gorgeous your hair makes me cream my jeans

I don’t mind, I am interested too.

You are cute and quite sexual too. I am a man, not made of wood so, I react to those things. You cannot flash a rack like this and expect a real man to remain idle… and the curly long hair, and the smile, come on. You make grown men cry. -Cam


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One response to “Compliments… Or lines.

  1. livingvanilla

    April 20, 2011 at 9:19 pm

    So, how did that last line work out for him?


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