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weekend fun

I did visit a friend we adventured together and had an ok time, he’s so boring lately it was kinda weird. So we were watching a movie and he tried to feel me up saying “your a girl, ima guy”

Last night I had a pretty confusing night with A. I messed up dating him because I was being a girl about my ex, so we haven’t seen each other in a while… We hung out last night, what I thought was going to be a hot hook up, far from it. The sex was unsuccessful to say the least but the night wasn’t a total waste… we cuddled and spent a bunch of time together hanging out and talking. Then he asked me to go out with him on tuesday. I have no idea what I’m getting myself into haha

I’ve tried to be way more relaxed about things, like just going with the flow and seeing what happens rather than talking about every little thing. I mostly like to clarify things because I’m a girl and I care about the people I’m spending time with, so like if it’s just a hook up for me I feel the other person has the right to know that and decide how they feel and go from there.

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Bored x63825

Ahh I’m so bored! Its summer and I’m not working too much and there doesn’t seem to be anything to do in this town ughhh.

So, no dates to report on, A is back and wants to hook up, I’m so unsure about this, he flipped flopped so much, this might be trouble.

I’m going to see AM on Saturday, I’m really excited he’s a bit older than me, and such a gentleman, we live totally different lives and have different views on lots of things. He is smart though and gives pretty good advice, I just don’t follow it often enough. I’m not sure what we will be doing (nothing intimate) but it will be nice to get out of town for a day 🙂

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Today I was told, we make friends with those we can tolerate to be around and we mate with those who we are instinctively attracted to

Why am I attracted to jerks?

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Sunday night

Everyone can have sex, not everyone can have a relationship.

Looks like I choose sex… The night wasn’t exactly ideal, but it was sweet. Highlights included, him on top of me in his uniform, boner pressing into my leg telling me I have “the most mischievous look in my eyes” Like were going to do it or something? Then he teases me, which leads to him not lasting too long, which leads to an apology. Later while cuddling I mention he has a great dick, he’s literally shocked and has never heard a girl say exactly that before. I wonder how many girls he’s slept with. Hoping to get more action I go down on him, nothing else happens and he tells me it was really unexpected. What does this guy normally do when cuddling nearly naked? I stick around and spend the night. Half not wanting to be alone, half hoping he’ll be excited in the morning so I won’t be totally disappointed with this evening, nothing happens. I admit I didn’t exactly make a move but after being shocked over my post sex bj I feel like if I started anything he would think I’m a sex maniac.

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Today I was at the store and chicago came on, it reminded me of the first guy I loved. Which is so funny because it was one of those “the world is ending, if we aren’t together I’ll never be happy again” kinda things. But I haven’t thought about him in a long time and there have been a few other “can’t live with out” moments since him

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Super cutie:)

Tonight! I have a date with the suuuper cutie who is, well was kinda boring. Buut he might have been shy/nervous or something. Were going back to his place to watch movies, or something. I’m much more interested in the something. He’s so cute and put together I can’t wait to get his clothes off! Hes picking me up from work, in his uniform! mmm:)

It’s gotta at least be a fun night right?

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JB drama

Oh this is golden. In a matter of 21 days JB and I have gone from

Romantic sweet date night, including cute kisses and butterflies

He says he doesn’t want a commitment

We talk about getting hot and heavy

I loose interest, think about getting serious with A, tell JB it isn’t going to work

3 days of texts and calls from him begging me to give him another chance, he likes me, he’s crazy about me, he never wanted just sex, please please see him again

…a week of awkwardish friendly texts, to not talking much at all

Then today! I asked him some advice on stuff he works with and say we should grab coffee if he’s free one night… He declines

He has met an amazing women hes soo into.

Gosh guys are unreal, it doesn’t upset me that he met someone, it is lame he doesn’t want to be my friend. It makes me question that finding “the one” is really possible. He and I could be together right now seeing if we like each other and finding out what could happen between us. Instead he’s out falling inlove with the next girl he laid eyes on. it’s so weird to me

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