Boy free week…

04 May

So my ex said I should come up next week when his parents are out of town, so I’m writing this update on the guys I’m seeing at the moment, I’m going to not go out with them and talking minimally to them for a week or so, and in 2 weeks, after I’ve seen my ex and processed that info I’m sure I’ll be in a totally different place.

Well start with A who I am still totally into and we had a few cute dates, I like him a lot but I know we wouldn’t work as a couple, he’s so different than me and he was always saying “if your still around….” so lame, making me feel expendable. We are currently not talking, he doesn’t want to be friends til I decide I want to date him. Lol.

Then theres G who is still away and I haven’t seen him in a month… He’s soo sweet and cute though, always texting me and he actually opens up and tells me his feelings, he texts me and tells me how cool and awesome I am and how much he likes me. This boy is pretty much everything I want.

Thenn there’s B who still booty calls me allll the time, I’m yet to go see him again yet.

Also L who I swore off as of 2 nights ago… But well see. Lol

M is a hottie that I’m kinda into, not much to report with him though, he’s totally cool has a wicked job and goals in life.. A dateable guy for sure, maybe another date on the way, after my boy break.

There’s J who wants to go on a date, he jokes about buying me flowers and diamonds, such a charmer. Hahahahah I tried unsuccessfully to set him up with a friend, he wasn’t into her. Boo.

And JB who I blew off the other night cause I was sick, I felt bad. He is a sweetie, but nothing is happening there.

Annnd hottie cop! Who wanted to hangout this week but I was busy. I definitely want to hangout with him BUT as nothing more than hopping in bed…

xo j

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One response to “Boy free week…

  1. livingvanilla

    May 4, 2011 at 10:29 pm

    I need your number for a booty call…hehe


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