04 May

So….. While I’m figuring out things with my ex, I’m evaluating how my guy friends function.

First theres S who is bi and has had a number of girlfriends, his latest seemed like a real wack a doodle, they’ve been broken up about 3 months now and are contemplating ex sex. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with my ex and I thinking about doing it. She flip flops, she has feelings for him they can’t have sex, she might be okay with it, she wants to just fool around, she can’t decide. Girls are nuts lol ….he thinks my ex is a tool

Then there’s J who likes a girl, maybe? They had a date and cuddled he doesn’t know how he feels and plans to keep seeing her, or maybe not. He doesn’t know. …he thinks getting back with my ex is a nice idea

Then there’s A.M…. He’s been asking me on dates for 4 years and I politely decline. He has no luck with girls and sticks to being old fashion …he thinks my ex just wants sex

So the conclusion is, even when I try to think of things other than my ex, he’s all over my mind. I’ve stopped dreaming about him though, this must be a good sign! I want to go visit him and see what happens, but not if he’s 100% just in it for sex. I don’t know how to tell him that without sounding desperate to get back together, which I’m not.

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