JB drama

11 May

Oh this is golden. In a matter of 21 days JB and I have gone from

Romantic sweet date night, including cute kisses and butterflies

He says he doesn’t want a commitment

We talk about getting hot and heavy

I loose interest, think about getting serious with A, tell JB it isn’t going to work

3 days of texts and calls from him begging me to give him another chance, he likes me, he’s crazy about me, he never wanted just sex, please please see him again

…a week of awkwardish friendly texts, to not talking much at all

Then today! I asked him some advice on stuff he works with and say we should grab coffee if he’s free one night… He declines

He has met an amazing women hes soo into.

Gosh guys are unreal, it doesn’t upset me that he met someone, it is lame he doesn’t want to be my friend. It makes me question that finding “the one” is really possible. He and I could be together right now seeing if we like each other and finding out what could happen between us. Instead he’s out falling inlove with the next girl he laid eyes on. it’s so weird to me

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