Sunday night

18 May

Everyone can have sex, not everyone can have a relationship.

Looks like I choose sex… The night wasn’t exactly ideal, but it was sweet. Highlights included, him on top of me in his uniform, boner pressing into my leg telling me I have “the most mischievous look in my eyes” Like were going to do it or something? Then he teases me, which leads to him not lasting too long, which leads to an apology. Later while cuddling I mention he has a great dick, he’s literally shocked and has never heard a girl say exactly that before. I wonder how many girls he’s slept with. Hoping to get more action I go down on him, nothing else happens and he tells me it was really unexpected. What does this guy normally do when cuddling nearly naked? I stick around and spend the night. Half not wanting to be alone, half hoping he’ll be excited in the morning so I won’t be totally disappointed with this evening, nothing happens. I admit I didn’t exactly make a move but after being shocked over my post sex bj I feel like if I started anything he would think I’m a sex maniac.

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