weekend fun

30 May

I did visit a friend we adventured together and had an ok time, he’s so boring lately it was kinda weird. So we were watching a movie and he tried to feel me up saying “your a girl, ima guy”

Last night I had a pretty confusing night with A. I messed up dating him because I was being a girl about my ex, so we haven’t seen each other in a while… We hung out last night, what I thought was going to be a hot hook up, far from it. The sex was unsuccessful to say the least but the night wasn’t a total waste… we cuddled and spent a bunch of time together hanging out and talking. Then he asked me to go out with him on tuesday. I have no idea what I’m getting myself into haha

I’ve tried to be way more relaxed about things, like just going with the flow and seeing what happens rather than talking about every little thing. I mostly like to clarify things because I’m a girl and I care about the people I’m spending time with, so like if it’s just a hook up for me I feel the other person has the right to know that and decide how they feel and go from there.

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