This is my life..

15 Sep

So my dear friend has has a crush on this hottie cop (not my hottie cop) for like 2 years. I hear about him all the time, she bumped into him here or there etc. so last night me and her went for drinks annd he was there! With 2 friends. All olldderr than me. But so cute. They’re all hottie cops. So all night I’m flirting with his friends and working at hooking up my friend up with this guy. They are all super fun and flirty.. Hottie cop even flashed his thing for me! By the end of the night she asks me if I’m good to get home alone and I tell her she has to go after him, so she grabs his hand and says he’s going home with her, so I sneak out cause I’m drunk and ready for bed.

So I start walking home and one of hottie cops friends pulls up and offers me a ride home, so I’m home in no time. Then she calls me, like omg where are you etc. And I’m like.. I’m already home safe, have fun with him! And she’s like oh no. His friend wants you so bad were coming to get you.

Needless to say I didn’t sleep much and the 4 of us got into a lot of shenanigans. It was a good time though. Sometimes I’m surprised by where I’m at in my life, or the decisions I make in the moment. It might be sick but I’m so proud of finally hooking them up lolll

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One response to “This is my life..

  1. The T

    September 15, 2011 at 8:46 pm

    holy fuck…. you really are thinking like a boy….dammit that is scary! Congrats on the evening of fun….



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