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I need this..

Don’t tell me what it takes, my dear, to keep you in one spot

I’m crazy good at finding a way.

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2011 top dates

My top 5 dates/nights of 2011…

1) Climbing on the roof of the mall and having hot make out seshs all over town. Fun and sexy, great combo.

2) Fooling around in the ambulance. Enough said.

3) He brought me flowers, we went for breakfast, mini golf, the arcade and ice cream. We got matching sheriff badges at the arcade and kissed good night 🙂

4) Walked by the falls and made out in the rain. (He was super cute until he got engaged!)

5) My weekend with G was one of the best I’ve had in a long time. Our dates were really cute and on the worst night of my life he picked me up and we cuddled, in his truck. Classy.

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J and the city

So I move to a bigger city on the other side of the country 2 months ago. I’ve been focusing more on myself, getting a new job apartment friends etc. and noow it’s time for dating! Im resetting all the letters for the new city 🙂 Here are the eligible bachelors…

E2 who is very nice and sweet.. Thru text. I’m not sure all this technology is good for a relationship. He isn’t as charming or amazing in person though. Maybe he is still warming up? I’m home for the holidays and I go back in 2 days, he offered to pick me up from the airport, that is a very nice gesture.

Then there is D
Who is dreamy. I seriously think he is so cute and interesting but he seems to have a grumpy side, so far he is kind of reminding me of my ex and I’m not impressed but I’m very intrigued by him. He ditched me once (which I think should be enough to say good bye to him, but I’m giving him a second chance) so hopefully our next date will be good.

Thenn there is M who is a total sweetie and we have our first real date planned for next weekend.

I bet B at the bar and he actually seems like a nice sweet boy, too good to be true?

Also there is C and W who I’m not sure about, maybe just friends. That would be good too. It’s hard to meet friends as a single girl, when you meet a single guy automatically something more seems to be going on, it makes the friend thing almost impossible.


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