J and the city

30 Dec

So I move to a bigger city on the other side of the country 2 months ago. I’ve been focusing more on myself, getting a new job apartment friends etc. and noow it’s time for dating! Im resetting all the letters for the new city 🙂 Here are the eligible bachelors…

E2 who is very nice and sweet.. Thru text. I’m not sure all this technology is good for a relationship. He isn’t as charming or amazing in person though. Maybe he is still warming up? I’m home for the holidays and I go back in 2 days, he offered to pick me up from the airport, that is a very nice gesture.

Then there is D
Who is dreamy. I seriously think he is so cute and interesting but he seems to have a grumpy side, so far he is kind of reminding me of my ex and I’m not impressed but I’m very intrigued by him. He ditched me once (which I think should be enough to say good bye to him, but I’m giving him a second chance) so hopefully our next date will be good.

Thenn there is M who is a total sweetie and we have our first real date planned for next weekend.

I bet B at the bar and he actually seems like a nice sweet boy, too good to be true?

Also there is C and W who I’m not sure about, maybe just friends. That would be good too. It’s hard to meet friends as a single girl, when you meet a single guy automatically something more seems to be going on, it makes the friend thing almost impossible.


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