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As of February 14, I have a boyfriend. We had a super cute valentines it was addorable.

Today the 15… My ex was texting me. I told him I like my boyfriend and we shouldn’t talk. He told me he likes his girlfriend but he likes me more and he can’t let go of me.

I saw my bf tonight and on the way home I was really quiet and I was thinking maybe were moving too fast and maybe I’m not ready to be in a relationship and jump into something and get hurt again. Then he was holding my hand and he said

“oh hey what are you doing,

oh you know just driving my girlfriend home, you?

Nothing I’m sad and lonely.

Well that sucks maybe we should get you a blow up doll.”

He’s just adorable and so sweet and he says the nicest things and I am crazy about him, I’m just scared. Today he said this to me “You’re amazing and sweet and cute. It’s perfect. You’re perfect.”

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This is the start to an awesome month! Im slowly figuring out my career and making those choices Annd I’m just so happy! I really like my new city and I’m having so much fun. Last week I went to dinner with a sweet guy, who I think is into me. I also went out with this other guy who took me to his favourite coffee shop and then tonight we went for a drink.. I think they were dates I’m my really sure. He texted me right after to tell me he had a fun time and asked me out again which is super sweet. He’s kind of older though and has an ex wife.. Which is kind of a big deal I think… Welll see

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My blog makes me laugh so much I love that I can remember nights I’ve forgotten and see the past through my own words/eyes. Everyone should do a blog.

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