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BB and I are always finding new ways to get into trouble. Sometimes I’m not sure how much I’m enjoying the new city then I have weekends like this and I know I love it here.

Friday: work late meet up with Bee get pretty then hit the bar, come home to find my roommate has people over, we drink more and wind up in bed. Me, him and Bee. It’s kinda fun he’s digging the girl on girl make outs etc. then we start getting more steamy and he tells me “oh I’m sorry, she’s reaally good.” this leads to me literally kicking him out of my bed and cuddling with Bee for the night. He’s mad and will prolly never talk to me again.. How is this my fault, do guys really not understand that girls don’t always need the whole truth, nothing but the truth? Sometimes living in a land of white lies is ok.


Sunday: met up with A and his super cute friend, flirted a little with both. A bought us drinks and we got super wasted. Then we went to the club and they tried to dry hump is, which was our cue to leave. The guys were pissed and we walked home laughing and having fun. Cuddled with Bee and woke up to a message from A that said he has a great time and wanted to do it again soon. I don’t understand how you frustrate guys like crazy and they send you cute texts??

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