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Hottie cop

I went out with hottie cop on Wednesday, we were both around with nothing to do so we went for a drink but the place was lame so we went back to his place… Welll. He has a hot tub I desperately want to have fun in. We didn’t though, we talked a lot, laughed and drank beer. Eventually we made out.. He spanked me. And then I went home. I’ve been having crazy hot dreams about him ever since though, so many he knows what he’s doing lol.

But all in all it was like the most uneventful night ever! Who does that?

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Super cutie:)

Tonight! I have a date with the suuuper cutie who is, well was kinda boring. Buut he might have been shy/nervous or something. Were going back to his place to watch movies, or something. I’m much more interested in the something. He’s so cute and put together I can’t wait to get his clothes off! Hes picking me up from work, in his uniform! mmm:)

It’s gotta at least be a fun night right?

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Tonight… I was a little tipsy, went to a cute boys house, fell down his stairs… Probably broke my toe, hurt my bum and bruised my ego. I went down on him to try and give him something else to remember (and cause hes crazy cute). He texted me a bunch after he dropped me off so that’s a good sign. I’m so embarrassed. He invited me to see his band play in a couple weeks, thatd be hot!


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Date night:)

Soo JB and me hit it off amazingly and we had a lot of fun, he was sweet and romantic. We went for drinks then a walk. it started raining on the way back and he held my hand and kissed my cheek. He was really sweet. We kissed a bit. Then we were outside of my house and I was getting ready to say goodbye. He told me he definitely doesn’t want any commitment but itd be cool if we could fool around. Which we didn’t. this was interesting though, I was on the other side of this conversation tonight. I’m up for it but I feel that it would be kinda sucky if I was hoping for more. I feel bad for the guys I’ve said that to I guess. But it’s best to be up front and honest from the start which I think I am. But I can understand it sucks. I love first dates and when they say it’s a date, it always makes me smile, I guess it’s all the possibilities and excitement.

K however was definitely not my type. He didn’t laugh or smile the entire time. I dunno well see if he texts me again I might hang out with him as friends…

I have fake nails on today, this post took 3283 minutess longer than it would have without them lol I also bought a super cute new bra I love bra shopping.

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