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Newbie & A?

So there’s a new guy who wants to take me out on Saturday, he’s smart successful, cute AND he calls me! Guys in their 20s strictly text so this is a nice change. (JE)

However there is one issue, A. We haven’t seen each other in a week, but we’ve been talking a lot still even though I think talking less would be a good idea. I kind of want to see where things go with him, or could go. But he’s already so ready to be serious and he reminds me soo much of my ex, which is definitely trouble. I’ve been thinking about my ex lately and I’m not sure if feeling like I’m back in that same situation is the reason. But maybe I’m just comparing A to my ex and finding reasons not to date him because I’m scared of getting hurt. Which is definitely a girly thing to do!

Why can’t more guys just want friends with benefits it’s a win/win. I want someone to cuddle with have amazing sex with and to just hangout with. Well after reading that back, it looks like I want a relationship. I know I’m not ready for that yet though I need to focus on myself and my goals. It’s amazing how much time is consumed by relationships. Im going to go on the date on Saturday and see how it goes, after that maybe I need a bit of a boy break. It couldn’t hurt.


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