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Such a time of joy, and confusion. Just when I decide to only focus on myself and be selfish for a while to figure out my goals, dreams and passions my ex pops back into my life. I went home for the holidays, saw him and.. Told him I loved him.. Basically exploded my world. He said he’d visit me here, across the country this month.. And he wants me to be all nonchalant, lets just see how things go.. But I’m more of a planner and having everything up in the air is killing me. Are we dating other people, how serious are we about each other, if he hates it here are we done.. I need an end game!

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He’s come over a few times, at night to cuddle. We make out and cuddle. Like how lame are we!? He’s so hurt from him last girlfriend and they broke up like a year and a half ago, and I’m determined not to be like that. Life is too short, I want to have fun and achieve things other than relationships. I’m having fun and seeing some guys while I go to school and figure out my life so I’m happy right now.

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So much for a break…

I went out with M last night, he was totally adorable and a real sweetheart. But, he was so boring. We went for drinks and I felt myself being like ommmgg get me outta here. Am I just being a bitch though? I’m not sure, cause I still want him to be interested in me. Dating sucks.

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I’ve been sucked back in. I had text sex with my ex and cannot get him off my mind. He lives kinda far so I’m going up to see him in a week or so. Were obviously going to do it. But are we going to talk? What are we going to say, do I want him back? What do I want to ask him? Ahh. Boo

I didn’t regret getting back together with him last time, I regretted the break up because I knew it would end that way. Maybe if we don’t get back together, we just have a sexy summer fling then we won’t break up again. There is the issue of G who is the only guy I’ve net lately who I’m interested in, maybe ebb hes back in town I’ll quit my ex addiction.

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