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Boy free week…

So my ex said I should come up next week when his parents are out of town, so I’m writing this update on the guys I’m seeing at the moment, I’m going to not go out with them and talking minimally to them for a week or so, and in 2 weeks, after I’ve seen my ex and processed that info I’m sure I’ll be in a totally different place.

Well start with A who I am still totally into and we had a few cute dates, I like him a lot but I know we wouldn’t work as a couple, he’s so different than me and he was always saying “if your still around….” so lame, making me feel expendable. We are currently not talking, he doesn’t want to be friends til I decide I want to date him. Lol.

Then theres G who is still away and I haven’t seen him in a month… He’s soo sweet and cute though, always texting me and he actually opens up and tells me his feelings, he texts me and tells me how cool and awesome I am and how much he likes me. This boy is pretty much everything I want.

Thenn there’s B who still booty calls me allll the time, I’m yet to go see him again yet.

Also L who I swore off as of 2 nights ago… But well see. Lol

M is a hottie that I’m kinda into, not much to report with him though, he’s totally cool has a wicked job and goals in life.. A dateable guy for sure, maybe another date on the way, after my boy break.

There’s J who wants to go on a date, he jokes about buying me flowers and diamonds, such a charmer. Hahahahah I tried unsuccessfully to set him up with a friend, he wasn’t into her. Boo.

And JB who I blew off the other night cause I was sick, I felt bad. He is a sweetie, but nothing is happening there.

Annnd hottie cop! Who wanted to hangout this week but I was busy. I definitely want to hangout with him BUT as nothing more than hopping in bed…

xo j

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Compliments… Or lines.

So I thought I would record some of the cute cheesy things the guys I date tell me, I’ll add more as they come/ I remember them.

So, was just thinking. And you came to mind

Guess what?
..I like you:)

You’re my perfect dream girl

Just thinking about your ass gets me hard

Your hair is absolutely gorgeous your hair makes me cream my jeans

I don’t mind, I am interested too.

You are cute and quite sexual too. I am a man, not made of wood so, I react to those things. You cannot flash a rack like this and expect a real man to remain idle… and the curly long hair, and the smile, come on. You make grown men cry. -Cam


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So I wrote a long post updating on my weekend.. It was kind of boring so apparently it didn’t save correctly to spare you from being bored! I cancelled my date for Saturday he was so over whelming and pretty much planning our wedding, before the first date. It’s Monday night and he’s texted me like a million times, telling me I’m really missing out. Hes coming off as desperate, which is never attractive.

In other news, A wants to be friends, with benefits. No strings attached. So that’s cool well see how that goes, I kinda miss hanging out with him it’s been a while since I’ve seen him.

L texted me, my rebound booty call from a while ago. He told me he had an incredible time when we hung out and he wants to see me again. Today he text me and told me he was thinking about me, cute right. Well then we got a little steamy, talking about the night we spent together and he apologized for the size of his penis! Ugh omggg this is nuts. I actually enjoyed what we did and he had a nice penis, his lack of confidence totaaally kills it for me. I feel like maybe I can boost his confidence a bit.. Might fun to try!

G is back in the picture. I have such a weakness for this guy! Ugh! I can’t decide if I want him because I can’t have him right now, or what. But he’s definitely caught my interest. He should be moving home in a couple weeks, then we can hangout and see how it goes, I’m really excited. He’s really sweet and I know I can trust him if we decide to be together. He’s basically going to decide how my summer goes… Single super fun girl, summer fling with a hottie or maybe the start of a wicked relationship? Who knows but in the mean time I’m going to have a lot of fun…

I went out with a guy tonight, I’m totally just into being friends. Weve known each other for a while but he seems like maybe interested in more… Blah. Well see how it goes, were hanging out Wednesday after work.

Tomorrow I have two dates.. Both are new guys. Drinks with JB in the afternoon, were in college so why not? And K and I are seeing a movie later that night. First date kisses? Update tomorrow night!


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G is out

I’m so bummed. Me and G had a bit of a disagreement last night, he was flirting with my friend and I told him I wasn’t up for playing games. It’s kind of a messy situation since we weren’t exclusive and I am seeing other people… I’m at least taking a break from him, even though he is still sending me cute texts. Let’s see how long these last though eh.

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I would love to have some input on this topic. Ive known some girls to do some pretty intense snooping on their boyfriends. I’ve never done it to a guy. I’m considering some light lurking to see if G is up to no good, but I feel like that isn’t fair since we aren’t dating yet, but he’s the one that says all these nice sweet things and tells me like everyday he isn’t going to see other girls. I dunno I’m really curious to see if guys snoop to, or consider it? Is it the ultimate sign of not trusting your partner or is it simply easing your curiosity?


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Single life:)

I guess it’s been a couple weeks that I’ve been single and I’ve been out with a few guys, because why not? Soo I plan to blog daily, or when something eventful happens but to catch you up to speed… There’s B he’s really sweet and a little chubby and makes me laugh a lot. He says he wants to be friends who have sex, but he doesn’t like seeing more than one girl at a time… Hmm. Then there’s L who I rebounded hard with and slept with. He’s a nice guy, he’s funny too, the sex was ok. He texted me 2 weeks after we hooked up… Hmm. Then there’s G who I am completely totally crazy about already. We had an amazing weekend together that was so awesome and fun. Then he moved away for work, for an unknown amount of time. I told him I’m definitely not ready for a boyfriend yet and he said that was ok but he wasn’t going to sleep with/see other girls. But he was someone I was definitely interested in and could see myself dating seriously, maybe it’s just because I can’t have him? I went out tonight with another guy, he was cute-ish and we had fun but I’m thinking there was just a friend vibe which is ok cause he seems to have a different life style than me. Speaking of friend vibes! I hung out with this total hottie who I def just got friend vibes from, until we exchanged some steamy texts. I’m definitely interested in seeing where that goes! I’m kinda caught up the most on G, but I just think it’s not smart to get so into someone, especially someone who is far and I dunno, he seems smooth and experienced, Im not sure I can trust him yet. BUT sticking in the title of my blog, if I think like a boy I wouldn’t give much more thought to G and I would go out and have fun and do my thing until he’s around or something happens.

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