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Such a time of joy, and confusion. Just when I decide to only focus on myself and be selfish for a while to figure out my goals, dreams and passions my ex pops back into my life. I went home for the holidays, saw him and.. Told him I loved him.. Basically exploded my world. He said he’d visit me here, across the country this month.. And he wants me to be all nonchalant, lets just see how things go.. But I’m more of a planner and having everything up in the air is killing me. Are we dating other people, how serious are we about each other, if he hates it here are we done.. I need an end game!

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He’s come over a few times, at night to cuddle. We make out and cuddle. Like how lame are we!? He’s so hurt from him last girlfriend and they broke up like a year and a half ago, and I’m determined not to be like that. Life is too short, I want to have fun and achieve things other than relationships. I’m having fun and seeing some guys while I go to school and figure out my life so I’m happy right now.

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G is an amazingly cute adorable boy, he texts me all the time and his texts always make me melt. He’s such a sweetheart, I definitely think he’s ready for a commitment and a girlfriend and all of that, but am I ready? Granted I have some time to decide because he’s still away for work but I’m going to see him 2 weeks:) and I’m really excited. I’m just wondering why I feel things with him could go into relationship mode but I’m so unable to let myself see what could happen with A. Dating is complicated.

I hung out with a guy on Saturday night and it was so sketchy, it made me rethink wanting to date and just have fun. You can have fun when your in a relationship right? And it’s safe and comfortable. Not boring comfortable, just nice where you trust and respect each other. I’m scared I’ll get hurt again though, which is a normal feeling I’m sure. I really think it’s courageous of girls to put their hearts back on the line again after being hurt and I know they will find happiness, it’s inspiring ladies!

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