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Such a time of joy, and confusion. Just when I decide to only focus on myself and be selfish for a while to figure out my goals, dreams and passions my ex pops back into my life. I went home for the holidays, saw him and.. Told him I loved him.. Basically exploded my world. He said he’d visit me here, across the country this month.. And he wants me to be all nonchalant, lets just see how things go.. But I’m more of a planner and having everything up in the air is killing me. Are we dating other people, how serious are we about each other, if he hates it here are we done.. I need an end game!

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Dancing at the club is something I think very one looks silly doing. No matter how hot you are or how good you are I just think white people dancing at the club looks ridiculous. However, when your drunk enough I see it can be kind of fun. Last night we went to a bar for a bit then walked soo far to get to this club. It was fun. I’m not really that interested in having a bunch of guys grind up on me.. But it was an alright night. We got invited to a hot tub party and to another after party by a guy that looked like jesus. I picked up a French guy who was cute and had a dreamyy accent. However on the walk home all he told me about what how in France he is a bar tender and never has to do any work to pick up girls. We got back to my place and l got a phone call from the married guy that tried to pick us up with his two friends a couple weeks ago. So I naturally gave the phone to my girlfriend and kept talking to the cute frenchie.. However he proceeded to show me all the numbers of girls he has and tell me how in France girls pick him up and buy him drinks etc. he was like it is not like that here, I don’t like it! Lol! Made me want D even more. Who texted me today and told me I looked pretty on our date (on Thursday) and he told me he really likes my eyes and he told me I had nice hair. Awwwe. Ommmg so the married guy was like dirty talking to my girl friend and wanted her so bad and told us he was going to touch himself while thinking about us, I guess it’s not cheating but I’d be mad if my husband dirty talked to girls he met at a bar!

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He’s come over a few times, at night to cuddle. We make out and cuddle. Like how lame are we!? He’s so hurt from him last girlfriend and they broke up like a year and a half ago, and I’m determined not to be like that. Life is too short, I want to have fun and achieve things other than relationships. I’m having fun and seeing some guys while I go to school and figure out my life so I’m happy right now.

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Hottie cop

I went out with hottie cop on Wednesday, we were both around with nothing to do so we went for a drink but the place was lame so we went back to his place… Welll. He has a hot tub I desperately want to have fun in. We didn’t though, we talked a lot, laughed and drank beer. Eventually we made out.. He spanked me. And then I went home. I’ve been having crazy hot dreams about him ever since though, so many he knows what he’s doing lol.

But all in all it was like the most uneventful night ever! Who does that?

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So I wrote a long post updating on my weekend.. It was kind of boring so apparently it didn’t save correctly to spare you from being bored! I cancelled my date for Saturday he was so over whelming and pretty much planning our wedding, before the first date. It’s Monday night and he’s texted me like a million times, telling me I’m really missing out. Hes coming off as desperate, which is never attractive.

In other news, A wants to be friends, with benefits. No strings attached. So that’s cool well see how that goes, I kinda miss hanging out with him it’s been a while since I’ve seen him.

L texted me, my rebound booty call from a while ago. He told me he had an incredible time when we hung out and he wants to see me again. Today he text me and told me he was thinking about me, cute right. Well then we got a little steamy, talking about the night we spent together and he apologized for the size of his penis! Ugh omggg this is nuts. I actually enjoyed what we did and he had a nice penis, his lack of confidence totaaally kills it for me. I feel like maybe I can boost his confidence a bit.. Might fun to try!

G is back in the picture. I have such a weakness for this guy! Ugh! I can’t decide if I want him because I can’t have him right now, or what. But he’s definitely caught my interest. He should be moving home in a couple weeks, then we can hangout and see how it goes, I’m really excited. He’s really sweet and I know I can trust him if we decide to be together. He’s basically going to decide how my summer goes… Single super fun girl, summer fling with a hottie or maybe the start of a wicked relationship? Who knows but in the mean time I’m going to have a lot of fun…

I went out with a guy tonight, I’m totally just into being friends. Weve known each other for a while but he seems like maybe interested in more… Blah. Well see how it goes, were hanging out Wednesday after work.

Tomorrow I have two dates.. Both are new guys. Drinks with JB in the afternoon, were in college so why not? And K and I are seeing a movie later that night. First date kisses? Update tomorrow night!


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