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Later in July…

I missed A so much. We text a bit but I haven’t seen him since my stupid disaster date. Today he told me he’s frustrated and he really doesn’t have enough time to date someone. Boo

The weekend I spent with AF who’s really sweet and I have fun with, we haven’t fooled around yet, so it should be interesting to see what happens with him….

The today I was at Bs work and I kinda saw him then looked away and got outta there asap.. We haven’t talked in a while and it felt so awkward. He texted me later to ask why I didn’t wave back.. I pretended I didn’t see him at all, so lame of me! But I didn’t know what to do. Awkwardness is the worst.

My friend introduced me to her friend and my mother is trying to set me up with a guy from work. This is my excitement for the week lol

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July :)

Soo I’m reporting all of julys dates in full detail.

Starting with June 28th. I went out with A and it was a disaster! I embarrassed myself big time and thought I would never talk to him again.. But I started missing him, I wish we had more time to see each other.

Thenn July 1st!
I went to meet friends at the bar for drinks, my friend brought a total cutie… Unluckily for me we met up with other friends who stole the cutie. I went home with my friend. We fooled around for literally 3.7 seconds. Then tonight the total cutie texts me asking what’s up at 2 am… Trouble


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